Problem on the site and on the app regarding the preview of a face with pictures generated randomly

I have this problem: I created a watch face that when the smartwatch wakes up randomly displays one of the thirty images loaded. I found here in the forum a great formula to use, which manages both the random choice of the image and the opacity in input and it works great. The problem is that once published, both on the Facer website and in the app, the dial is previewed without any image, so it seems to have no image. Only if you select the clock, then the display becomes correct and with the DIM mode you can simulate the awakening of the dial and view the different images. Do you know a way to solve the problem by keeping the formula already used?
Thanks a lot!

The formula is, for example, $wakeRand(1,36)==35?((interpAccel(#DWE#,0,1,2)*100)):0$

I have a watchfaces that fades in from dim and it showed the dim image when published. It can be fixed by letting it “run” for a bit before publishing.
Mine starts like this:

I then hit the “run” button in the time machine until it fades in:

Publishing it like this gave me the correct preview image.
Hope this helps with your issue,


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I have a couple faces that display a random picture on wake but I use:


I’ve never had an issue with the preview image not showing once published.

Hi Mattie
It works!
Your suggestions fixed my problem perfectly. You’re a myth!
Thank you very much and I hope to be able to help you in the future.
Thanks again and have a good Sunday.

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Thanks for replying. In fact, I use the same formula to randomly generate the image to display. In addition the formula I found and employed handles the fade in. I tested the indication provided by Matie and it works perfectly, in fact it was enough to start the visualization before proceeding with the publication.
Thank you very much, see you soon