Problem with 12h

I have chosen all the options on the 12h system but still on 24h showing can you help me to become 12h

Hi @waloodd,

  1. Check the app settings, make sure you have 12h selected instead 24h. Sometimes that is the issue.
  2. #Db# This tag is highly recommended for digital times, because users can select their best option.
    If that tag doesn’t work for you, you can use either #Dh# to set the time in 12h format or #Dk# for 24h.

I hope it helps you!

I have all set at 12h
But thanks

Could you put the inspector enabled? And leave the link please

Do you mean a watchface that you made or one you downloaded as user?

Well I think he is talking about a face he has downloaded, I’ve visited his profile :smiley:

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I do not understand but it is ok i found that

there are two versions for some designers 24h and the other 12h but the problem they are setting is 12h and the design does not support this option

Some faces has the posibility user choose the time format, others not. In those you can choose you set that in the Facer phone app, under settings, time format. In those you can’t choose, you gonna have 24hs (or 12hs) no matter you time format settings. Greetings!