Problem with animations

That is the question.
Why the animation of seaport, the cycle of night and day and ships work on my computer, but not on the watch?

Can I hope that someone from Facer Staff will take care of this problem?

the animation on my computer is working fine:

the animation on my watch and my tablet galaxy tab is not working.

I will only add that the watch was published a few months ago,
and then there was no problem.

In my experience, a lot of formulas, conditionals and maths work in the web preview but not in the watch or phone preview. Web preview is, sort of speaking, more permissive.
But, I just checked out and it works perfect in my phone preview (android) and in my watch (fossil q explorist) :+1:

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@rarest Ive noticed sometimes when the watch is not syncing or running a face properly that it needs rebooted. Watchs are limited on memory and often gets bogged down. I have a samsung s3 frontier and it will become very stubborn on some apps or faces. But once i turn it off and back on it works properly…Just a thought

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Thank you @carlosfilippa and @selia67.

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