Problem with Circular Progress (repeat every 6 seconds)


I am back to Facer after a long pause. Now i am struggling a bit with the (for me) new feature of adding a progress.

I work as a paramedic in germany, so we sometimes need to measure manual pulses.
(you feel the pulse for 6 seconds an then multiply the value with 10)
Therefor i wanted to have a circular ring moving in 6 parts (1 for every second) and when it’s full it should start again.

I managed it to move for 6 sec, but then i have to wait till a new minute starts: (#Ds#/6)

How can i let it repeat?


Give this a try and see if it’s what you need. It’s just speeding up the seconds progress by 10x.


It is nearly what i need. Only “problem” it has 5 segments and after the 5th it starts with number 1 again. So it is missing 1 segment of the circle.
second 1=segment 1
2=seg 2
3=seg 3
4=seg 4
5=seg 5
6= missing
and then it starts again with second 1 and segment 1


I may be wrong but i think what you are looking for is not possible

if you see what happens with the 2 seperate progress dials here that i have made the segmented version has to return to zero to carry on the next count the outside dial runs smooth 6 seconds as it can restart at 0 when 6 is reached

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Damn…it woud be nice if someone would figure it out though.

This is really hard for me to understand. My first try is doing everything i want, except for repeating after one turn.

Maybe a countdown from 6 to 0 but reversed? I swear i’m better at my job than at programming.

ok if you check my demo i have created a cheat that appears how you want it but im not sure

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That looks pretty good yes! How can i get it in my Watchface?

i have enabled inspection mode just take what you need ok

This works perfect! Thank you very much!

no problem