Problem with dim

Hi y’all, so I made a face and tried using tags. It came out okay but nothing is syncing and when you select dim it’s completely black. I’m trying to figure out how to fix this but I’m pulling what I have left of my hair. Please help me, thank you.

Can you post a link to your design? It can help to set it to inspector mode too.

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I haven’t published it yet. But here its Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

Thank you

When you say nothing syncs, can you elaborate? Are you trying to send it to your watch from the website or from the app on your phone? There are a lot of us having the issue where we can’t send faces to our watch from the website. There’s a thread here on it (specific to Gear S3–what watch :watch: do you have?):

Did you create a dim mode? If not, the default, I believe, is naturally all black. You have to set stuff up to happen on the dim mode.

If it is not published, we cannot see it. That’s ok, you’ll just have to talk us through it and maybe some screen grabs?

I wound up deleting it. I didn’t realize I had to do a dim version.
But now I did do a new one in dim mode. It came out okay and it also isn’t syncing from my phone or watch. I have a MK Bradshaw does that make a difference?

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Its my Hogwarts Starry theme, I have no idea how to share it here from my phone sorry.

Am I seeing it wrong, or have you just typed in the current date rather than using the #Dd# tag to make a self producing date? Ditto phone battery rather than using #PBP#?

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I used the tags from the documentation page.

It seems so.
@blukrystlz as taz mentioned, rather than using “phone” for the tag, you would need to use Phone:#PBP

If you used the tags then something has gone pear shaped because it’s plain text in the tag fields now. I can see you’ve successfully created other faces where the tags are correct.

The others are the default tags provided by Creator. I don’t see any other Phone tags used in those other faces.

The other faces I used the creators tags. On this one I entered the tags myself. I’m new to this so I’m trying to understand it. I guess its just confusing to me and I should just take it down. I appreciate all of y’all help. Thank you.

Ah - I think I understand then. Is it possible you’re not seeing the tags at all? By default the tags bar is hidden, you need to make it display. Forgive me if you already know all this:

  1. On the left column, click on the element you want to edit
  2. Then, along the bottom of the creator, click on the rocket symbol - on the right the “Advanced Settings” panel will open
  3. For your phone battery indicator click the “Tags” button on the text line - the tag can control the text content (for a hand you would want to edit the contents of the “Rotation” line with a tag
  4. Select, or type, your tag: #PBP# for phone battery level

Those “Tag” buttons will give you the full list of tags available, or you can see them here, but it’s a pain trying to go through them and work out how they work initially. The best thing you can do is look at a face made my someone more experienced who has allowed you to “inspect” their design (look for the rocket beside the watch face in the face description page).

When you’re inspecting someone else’s design you can look at how they’ve used and edited tags to get the effects they wanted. Or you can copy and paste them into your own design. (I used a small dial that rotates through 270° for my analogue information dials, and I originally copied the code for that because I couldn’t understand how it worked: *(210+((#BLN#/100)300)) ). If you’re working on a digital face, producing text on the face, I would expect them to be generally a bit simpler than the codes to control rotation.

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Ahhhh I did not know this! Thank you so much, I will try it when I get up in the morning.
Thank you for your help and patience :blush:
I appreciate it,

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No problem Lori, I’m glad to have been a help.