Problem with download counting

There is still a problem with counting downloads.

My four friends confirmed that they downloaded this watch face, but the counter shows only one download.
@Facer_Official can do something about it?

Until the moment of clarifying this matter, I temporarily suspend publishing new projects.


I just tested by syncing this face and confirmed its sync count increased in our database. What type of smartwatch are your friends using?

Q Founder
ZenWatch 3
Q Venture
They use laptops and Firefox browser, maybe that’s why do not count downloads?

Hello ovinka,
Did you try clearing your browser cache to see if that made a difference?

I see that you have published new designs. If you no longer have a problem viewing syncs, any additional information that you can add here on the resolution may be helpful to others who have the same question. Thanks.

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I thank you for your interest in the matter.
The problem still exists, new projects I published at the request of my friends.
Only in this way they can downolad faces on their watches.
But according to what I wrote a few days ago, it’s the last my design…

That’s a shame. I enjoy designing and don’t pay too much attention to my syncs, so I can’t be much help here. I hope the problem clears up for you soon.

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