Problem with multiple PBN tags

Hi guys.

I have made a new watchface, and I`m struggling with what seems to be a bug.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch

The problem seems to be with multiple PBN tags. and some are not showing.
I have tried a test face with just 6 PBN tags and they did show, however this one is giving me a headache

So I am using 3 PBN and 3 BLN Tags and 1 of the PBN tags is showing in the creator as intended, but not when loaded on my phone (See post #2 for photos)
Originally I was using 4 PBN and 4 BLN tags, and 2 items was not showing, once I managed to remove one tag with a different logic.

I´m starting to think the companion app can`t handle so many tags, hopefully I am wrong but I cant find anything wrong in my code (doesn’t mean its not there)


As seen in creator

As seen on wrist.
The right blue progress bar is not showing, and it should

Additionally if you checkout the store preview now that I uploaded it and speed it up, the progress bars are just going on and off randomly

Mmm, I had a look at high speed and you seem to have a minor issue at around 36 or 37 % for the phone battery indicator ( it jumps back up by a percent or so and then keeps dropping ) but on my browser it otherwise seems to be moving as expected.

So far, any issues I have found where a face works in creator but fails on a watch or in the app have been due to expression syntax compatibility.

If you post the expressions or enable inspection mode I will see if anything jumps out at me.

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Inspection mode is enabled Mike.

Thanks a lot

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Ok, all looks good to me. The small jump at 35 or so also effects the text display so my guess is this is happening in the phone battery simulation not your face.

So to your original question; sorry I can’t see any problem with the face you published so I don’t know why it is not working on your watch.

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Tks for looking mike

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Ok, so the watch version works but the phone one does not. I compared the two two sets of widget controls and noticed a difference.

The background opacity field for the top two watch battery layers are blank

but the equivalent fields for the top two phone layers have zeroes in them.

I have no idea why that matters but you could try deleting the zeros in these layers as well …

Hi Mike, thanks a lot

I tried deleting the zeros and adding the zeros to all progress elements.
Made no difference whatsoever.

Additionally the left progress bar (Watch) has also started playing up, check the photos in next post

This is happening because the clock hits 00:00 and the simulation “Resets” just figured it out

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I’ve never managed to get PBN to work at all on my galaxy watch. I assumed it was an iPhone / samaung incompatibility thing

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Maybe if you bought a real phone it would dave haha (sorry ahte to say it)
I have the tag pbn on almost all my faces, and they do work very well

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I don’t disagree with you bro. It’s a company phone bud :confused:

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I need help from @Facer_Official support.
Please this issue is driving me nuts

A terrible photo but it seems to be working ok on my watch (?)

{ Samsung Galaxy Watch - Samsung phone }

Tks Mike

Im not sure whats happening, sometimes It is showing ok, and others not.
I have been wearing it for a few days, it just continuously plays up.


Just a few minutes apart these photos

Mmm, strange !

Still haven´t got a response to this one.