Problem with Summit and Facer Faces


I’m having BIG issue with Facer “free” watch faces because most (if not all) of them have a glitch: when the face includes a digital hour display, the HOUR indicator disappears !!! It’s very weird. As you can see in the attached photo (apologies, I just realized NO photos are allowed to be uploaded), it was 12.18pm and the digital display only shows :18 and the 12 is missing. I experienced identical issues with other faces.

Anyone can help ???

I was really considering becoming a Premium Customer, but I need this resolved before I spend anything on Facer.

Thank you in advance,
Carlos Lopez

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Welcome @carloslopoez5 . There is nothing to stop you posting a Photo here . Make sure they are not massive . There have been a lot of changes in the operating systems recently and the rules of some Syntax has got stricter . Some coding errors show up now . Please let the Maker of the Faces know the problem in comments if you include a Photo there is has to be Square .

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Here’s the photo.

That’s very strange :thinking: Maybe try switching from 24hrs to 12hrs Time format :thinking:


Hello and Welcome!
Does this happen on all free watch faces or just the ones created by one person? As mentioned above, let that person know so he can fix the problem.
Try one of russellcressser’s free designs.
RUSTY-CRESS • Facer: the world’s largest watch face platform

If you still have a problem it may be something going on with your watch.


I already had done that and the same thing happens. Thank you for your tip.

Thank you. All that have a digital display that I have tried so far. That’s why I think it may be something related to the Montblanc Summit version of WearOS they’re using. I haven’t been able to try a “Premium” one because I don’t want to pay in full for something that may not work in my device.

Awwwww. This Rusty-Cress face (Casio) DOES WORK FINE !!!

Great tip !!!

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This one from same source (Rusty-Cress) works fine as well !!!

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So if Rusty-Cress faces work fine and others don’t, does that mean the others have a bug on their faces ???!

Here’s another example of a “bad” face that is not displaying the digital time correctly:

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Thank you for checking my Work and thanks @Linlay for putting me first. I am glad that you do not have the same problem across all the Faces . I am intrested to know if the BradC Faces are correct. You should not be the one having to do the Home work but Most Makers would be Delighted that someone with a Sumit had Debugged thier Face. The are obviously not up to date with the the new Coding Rules. I doubt very much that they are all Inspectable. If you are still Inclined to help you could post links to the Faces here Please. :pray::+1:

Great Shots BTW. :blush:

Could also be a size issue. Try removing fixed width and then make the width larger than you think needed.

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Yes. Well said @tom.vannes but I think @carloslopoez5 is a User only at the moment. You have made a very good point. I imagine the Summit has a different Display Resolution from the others. Although you would think that would solve problems not create them. Some might have used #DISDAYTIME# for some reason . It does not work on all watches , notably TickWatch.

I wonder if you have tried to switch the 12/24 hrs in the Facer Watch Settings on your Watch .

@carloslopoez5 The problem often is not because the face is digital or hybrid but because there is probably something wrong with the coding “underneath”. With the thousands of designs on Facer you should be able to find something else and other designers to follow. I thought of @russellcresser because he is a regular here (and my grandfather’s name was Russell). All the people in this discussion have very good designs and will be glad to fix any problems if you alert them. If “icrltd4” weren’t so hard to remember that would have popped into my head as well.

In addition, most of the Facer Partners offer free watch faces once in a while. There are many Partners. Take a look at those from GAUSS, Dario Marnoni, and Batwolf. If you scroll through their collections you will see a few free designs. All of them are excellent at coding.

If I were you I would go ahead with the Premium subscription but use designs by Facer Partners and the regulars here like Russell and icrltd4. I’m not trying to promote Partners, over anyone else other than to let you know that they stand by their work and will always correct any problems and/or have Facer investigate problems with a specific brand.

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For @icrltd4 Read Gizmo or Gizmo411 . Mr Animation ( Sequence ) . :slightly_smiling_face: :joy: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Ah, yes, realized it now. So best to let the creator know…

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I usually check the profile of people who post here. Basically Tom I forget who they are. Their work gives me a Clue. If I see they are not makers I just try to be kind :::)))

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Im always happy if someone finds a bug, wishes a change, or requests a variation in one of my watches and leaves a comment.
I certainly want my watches workiing smoothly and I stand by them.