Problem with zenwatch2 in dim mode

Hi i just design my custom watchface, when i testing in my watch i found that facer has a problem with dim mode… if i stay in dim mode when pass some time the face move down and showing in wrong position, also if i’ve a notification, when turn to dim mode the watchface freeze… then i need touch the screen to activate it and cover screen to jump dim mode to work correctly

Some watch models have a feature to reduce screen burn in for always on displays. My Huawei does this by shifting the design a few pixels every 5-10 minutes.

yes… maybe that happened when moved down but the watchface freezes when watch try to set dim state from active state… that is more strange

Mine does this pixel shift too. I can’t put important details like tick marks to close to the edge of the screen because they will shift completely off the screen. As for the freezing, I’m not totally sure if this is what’s happening but facer only updates it’s dim mode once each minute. So any kind of animation or even just a second hand will freeze.

what is the link to the face that is having the issue?

this happened with all faces… maybe i didn’t explain fine, i attach a video link to show what happens

That link didn’t work for me.

mmmm it’s strange i try the link on two mobiles and works fine… anyway i will try upload to another service like WeTransfer

Try with this link

I noticed this issue with the screen shift in dim-mide as well on the huawei classic. I am not sure if it happens on all watchfaces…

i tried differents watchfaces and happened with all of them.

and if you don’t realize that, then your battery consumed cause neither pixel are on black to avoid consumption