Problems? Type don't paste!

I don’t like to advertise but I can say that using Notepad++ has saved me hours of debugging just because it pairs brackets. Also I can say that I spent some time recently trying to get an expression to work without success. I had copied and pasted the expression posted by one of the many experts here and for all the world I could not see why it wouldn’t give me what I expected. So after much frustration I decided to type in the expression and low and behold - it still didn’t work! I then remembered that I had notepad++ and checked the bracket pairing only to find I was missing a closing bracket! I added the bracket and it worked! The moral of this sad story is - don’t trust copy and paste, if it works great, well if it doesn’t…


Ha Ha . Some times you have to retype the Formulas any way . They can be totally correct but a bug creeps into the JAVA . Notepad++ is Flagged up by
many , so thanks for sharing the fine example of a Successful Debugging .

Another thing to watch out for is the community pages are notorious about dropping the “*” out of expressions posted here in plain text. You have to use the preformatted text button above </> so it is highlighted in red. That way you know it is exactly the way it was written.

Here’s an example of the same expression with and without preformatted text:
(160+(20*(sin(((#DNOW#/1000)2pi)))))) Without preformatted text.
(160+(20*(sin(((#DNOW#/1000)*2*pi)))))) With preformatted text.
You’ll notice that the page drops the *2* in front of the pi, and changes it to just 2pi.
In some of the older threads you see it wrote like this * 2 *pi so that there is extra spaces before or after each * so the page knows it’s not code meant for it.

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