Problems with all faces

Hi there !! So I have an Apple Watch Series 8 and absolutely none of the faces I have tried over 20 have worked … the step counter doesn’t work … temperature doesn’t update… heart rate … absolutely nothing updates on any face … This is not a free app by far so I would expect things to be a bit better

First make sure you have granted all the permissions to Facer to access your watch data. Next restart your watch by turning it off and back on. If that does not fix it contact Facer Support at: .

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Thank you !!! I have done all that… I appreciate the help though !!!

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Don’t give up. I think support is probably still busy trying to catch up after the holidays.

Ya I hope so because whatever face I download is just like a duplicate…like a picture if it shows it has 75 % battery and it’s sunny and 75 on watch face it will b like that on mine but it will b below zero here and my battery at 100 … just like I’m downloading a picture

While you are waiting for support please review this page to see if there is anything else that needs to be done:

Can you post a link to one of the watch faces that is not working for you?

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And there is this link as well that might help:

None work

Do you have access to a computer so you can send the URL of one of the specific designs that does not work so we can see if there is something wrong with the design of the face? Have you contacted the designer via comments? Has Facer Support been able to help you yet?

They do t load in my Apple Watch app or if they do load nothing updated it is like a still picture on my watch

Great! Keep your ticket number in case you have to contact Facer again to update your request.