Problems with Bete for Apple Watch

I’m trying to enter in the Beta version but I’m not able to do it.
What I want is to realise if it’s possible to create a new face for my Apple Watch but when I chose the option “Custom Apple Watch”, it sends me to the form to get acces to the beta version despite I’m already logged in this version.
Any other help to customize my Apple watch will be welcome.

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I, in particular, do not use Apple watch, and I do not know a little about the subject

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The beta version of Creator and the “Private Beta” for Apple Watches are different things. Currently all users can use the Facer App running on an Apple IPhone to “Create your own face” using one of the provided templates ( one or more for free I think ). You simply place an image in one or more of the available spots and send it to your watch. In the Watch App on your phone you can then add the usual in-build or 3rd party complications to available slots. And then publish the face to Facer.

The “Private Beta” is new and if you interested in being a part of it you can apply via the “Custom Apple Watch” tab in Creator. I am not aware of the process beyond that but please note that it is an application process and applying does not imply an automatic entry to the Beta program.

I hope that helps.