Problems with Browser Edge

I’ve had big problems with MS Edge Browser and Facer Creator for some time now. Add Element Menu and Clock view are not loaded. Everything works as usual in Chrome. Tested on three PCs. Can someone report similar problems.

Yeah I don’t use edge anymore. Only chrome. I don’t know the problems you mentioned but probably because I’ve not used it in a long time. I had issues with the layer list.

I think you should try Chromium Edge (the new Edge version base on Chromium core)

@walwet Edge no longer works well for me on Facer.
@nguyenloc98 have you tried Chromium Edge? How do you like it? I’m waiting for it to evolve a bit more.

Chromium edge works, is really built up exactly like chrome. Favorites and bookmarks are not fully integrated. everything looks a bit unfinished.

I like it, it smoother, faster, better than legacy edge very much, you should try it

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Now works a few days again without problems on Windows Edge

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