Problems with creating a round year clock (day by day)

Hi there awesome and beautiful fellow watchmakers :slight_smile:

I want to create an indication in an outer ring of my watch face, showing what day we have on a round year index. I tried some tags, of course #DMYR#, #DYR# and others, but somehow the hand(a dot) moves in aa weird way; e.g. it’s showing jan 1st before december 31st and stuff like this. I’m a total math newby, so I don’t understand the expressions well enough to fix this on my own.

Here it’s what I have so far. As you can see the dot is not really hitting december 17th, even though it’s set as the current date:

Does anyone has some ideas? Thx a ton in advance!

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Try (((#DYR#/$(#Dy#%4)=0?366:355$)*360)+180)

You need to divide #DYR# by the number of days in the year and multiply by 360 to get the rotation in degrees. $(#Dy#%4)=0?366:355$ calculates for leap year. Not 100% acurate but it’s 78 years before it will next be wrong.

Nice looking face by the way.


Wow, that works perfectly! Thank you so much! I have been trying to solve this for days now. Awesome!
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Notice my typo? Should be (((#DYR#/$(#Dy#%4)=0?366:365$)*360)+180)


I have noticed and corrected it :wink: It works perfectly in the simulator, however my Fossil Carlyle apparently doesn’t like the leap year variable and displays the dot a couple of day’s behind. I hope they’re going to fix that some day. But in principle it works.Thx so much again!

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Try taking the brackets out from around `#Dy#%4’ Wear OS 2 can be fussy about brackets around conditional calculations. Sometimes it won’t work with them sometimes not without. Either seem fine in all the simulators and on Tizen faces.

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There are several things going on here.

  • I’ve noticed you are using the rotational code #DYR#, you need to use the day in year #DD# if you are dividing it by days yourselves.
  • However, in the editor, it seems like #DYR# is not correct. December 31 is 366 degrees so testing it there is flawed.
  • On my Carlyle #DYR# is correctly displaying the degrees, but I haven’t tested a leap year.
  • Some watches don’t like the inline conditional. Making it a conditional with 2 complete expressions might help:
  • You can also try no conditions at all. This is 0 or 1 depending if it is a leap year, taking all 3 rules into account:
    So your complete expression would be:

Wow… I’m again amazed how both capable and helpful so many of the other facer Designers are!

The code with 2 complete expressions seems to work perfectly on my Carlyle. The little lag is gone.

Thank you so much!

This is the final watch face btw :slight_smile: Felix - Kisetsu - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer


Extremely helpful. Thanks. I will also bear the inline conditional thing in mind in the future.

Also, great information on the leap year thing. I tend to ignore the 2nd 2 rules for simplicity as I don’t expect my faces to be around in 78 years but it’s always good to have the whole picture, and a condition free method of calculation.

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Welcome to the Facer Community Felix, where you have already witnessed that there are lots of helpful people, and loads to learn (my math coding also sucks by the way :joy:).
Totally off subject, you can Share any designs directly, instead of posting a link, simply by selecting the Share Icon Share Icon anywhere you see it when creating or viewing your designs, and it will give you a link to copy ok. Then you’ll see your design like this -

Hope y’all have a fabulous Christmas :smiley: :santa: