Problems with Huawei Classic

Strange Problems are happening since one week.

I own a huawei classic. Everything was working fine but after the last updates some complications aren‘t working anymore: Stepcounter, heartrate and AM/PM Display. What can i do, @Facer-Staff ?

Thanks for the report! We’ll look into it!

I have a Huawei Smartwatch 2 and am also having the same issues. Until this morning my watch face (Info Glow) was showing steps but since then it isn’t showing. Heart rate is showing fine.

I’m on wear os 2 and using an iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 11.

The stock watch faces are showing step counts fine.

I’ve tried clearing the app cache, resetting the app, rebooting the watch and finally uninstalling Facer and installing it again but nothing fixes the issue. Help!