Problems with images

I’m trying to make a new watch but is not letting me add any image, any kind, even jpeg or png, is showing as invalid image type… can someone check about this? I’m using safari…

have you tried the same using chrome and face same issue?

I’ll ditto @sunilupatil on the Chrome. No problems here


The issue of Invalid Image Type is occurring on me also. I’m using Chrome and Microsoft Edge and both return invalid image type for PNG and JPG image types.

I have the same issue too. I cannot upload any image. Chrome or edge do not work.

I had the issue, I resolved it like this:

In paint I adjusted the size of the image to 640 x 640 and gave a name to the image “animation eight” and it worked. Format JPEG.

If you use a name in the image like “1” it won´t accept it

I hope this works for you all.


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