Problems with rotations

For some reason, neither the 2 Batarangs nor the Sun Icon in this Face are rotating correctly :thinking:
Can anyone help me please? I tried to set the Batarangs rotating in opposite directions at different speeds, and the Sun rotating clockwise a 4 times the Seconds rate.

OK on batrang 2 instead of (-0#DWFSS# * 6) it should be something like (-(#DWFSS#*6)). On batrang 3 instead of (0#DWFSS# * 8) try (#DWFSS# * 8). And for the sun instead of (0#DWFSS# * 4) just use (#DWFSS# * 4) You don’t need those extra zeros in expressions.

BTW you need to raise the level of the red battery percent numbers to above the progress covering the blue tic marks. With it like it is I had to use the view/hide “eye” to figure out why the right side of the outer edge was black and covering half of the “50”. I’d let the red battery numbers stay lit and just cover the tic marks to show battery level with the progress element. I would also just use the progress at rotation 180 instead of 184 because with the red numbers showing all the time you have no need to put the progress at an odd angle. (That’s just me, if you want to do it like you have it, it’s your face just ignore this paragraph) :grin:

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Awesome, thank you very much Mr Antisocial Guy, it’s all working precisely as it should now, and I even speeded up the rotation of the Batarangs :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you happen to know the correct Transparency Tags for different Battery Levels, ie 10,20,30, etc up to 100?

$#BLN#>=1&&#BLN#<=10?100:0$ next $#BLN#>=11&&#BLN#<=20?100:0$ just keep changing the numbers until you get to 91-100 and your done.

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Thank you very much Sir, I’ve just saved that to play around with later :smirk:

Used this very nicely thank you Mr Antisocial Guy :+1:
Four Emoji Battery Level Icons on the left, and five 3D ones on the right.

Please tell me what you think guys

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