Problems with sunset/sunrise tags

I’m using a galaxy watch 5 and I’m running into some problems with the sunrise/sunset tags. I’m trying to make a text layer display sunrise or sunset but there’s some issues.

All of these:
will return 2 dashes like this – instead of a value

all return 0.

I don’t know if it’s broken because it’s a GW5 instead of GW4 or if I’m just using it wrong. I have all permissions but file access allowed for the facer app on the watch. The tags function correctly on my computer and on the phone app, but it breaks once it reaches the watch.

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Welcome @ashton.m.krause
These Tags need Open Weather and Location. So Open Weather is accessed automatically. I switch the Location ( GPS ) ON for my Watch.
I would Reinstall the Companion App. You need a sucessfull connection to your phone via Bluetooth and your Phone needs to be connected to the Internet. Some install the Open Weather App on thier Phones in the hope that that will help.


The watch seems to have come with location disabled by default and enabling it then resyncing fixed the issue. Now I feel dumb lol. Thanks for the help.


I am Absolutely Delighted . You are not Dumb . If you are Learning you can not be Dumb . Where do you think we started . Thanks for taking the time to get back . Many do not .


As russellcresser said: there are no stupid questions.

That’s why I like this community.