Progress bar reveal?

I want to have a steps progress bar reveal the steps instead of counting up or down. I’ve tried reverse settings etc, and I can’t get it to reveal. Basically I need it to be full when it’s at zero, and empty when it’s at 10k. Any ideas? I’m probably missing something obvious lol


Hi @Rator

Try this formula on your fill ratio

(clamp(10000-#ZSC#, 0,10000 )/10000)

Change the 10000 by the range you are using, 2k,5k,etc.


Thanks, yeah I tried that. The code you posted basically does the same thing as setting it to reverse which doesn’t do what i want it to. I need it to be full when it’s at zero.

What i THOUGHT I could do was change the foreground transparency to 0 and the background to 100 but that didnt work lol.

Oh wait, lemme try something…


K that didnt work lol. There HAS to be a way to set it to be full when it’s at zero and run the other way.

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No, wait it, what you posted DOES work when i set it to reverse fill. Ha, thank you!