Progress Circular Reverse Fill Not Working

I have an element in my watch design that uses a reverse filled circular progress. It works fine in the editor, but is not reversed on my watch. It’s not the equation, as I’ve tried a fixed fill ratio of 0.25 and this also does not work.

My watch is a Montblanc Summit 2.


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There is a known issue on Facer WearOS with reverse fill not working on circular progress bars. This is tracked on our side and we’re hoping to fix that soon. In the meantime, we recommend avoiding the “reverse” option where possible. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the update. I can fudge it for now by adding a rotation.


Waiting for an official fix… i solved it like this.
Theese are two circular arc progress indicators for watch and phone battery:

fill ratio: (#BLN#/800)
rotation: 70

fill ratio: (#PBN#/800)
rotation: (290-(#PBN#/800)*360)
this isn’t reverse… but it looks the same