Progression bar

I have my progression bar set at 8k steps. Now i wanna create a bar that will start at 8k steps and will continue further. How can i do this? Is it possible?

Hi @ferrydejonge002 ,

Just do multiple progress bars and have them turn on or off transparency depending on how far you progress.

This one will turn on a progress bar if steps are above 8000.

Other examples could be:

This face might help you out. I have progressive step count progress bars on it. I have cheated though and put a mask over the right side of the bars to hide them until it’s time for them to start “showing” any steps. It’s kind of a redneck way to do it, but it works. And like they say “If it works is it really redneck?”. :laughing: The inspection is turned on in MAG 1433 and you can check out how I did it.

and progress of steps circle 8000 steps (one color) in circle 8001 steps (other color) darker that overlaps the first circle and proceeds?

Looking at the default facer expressions for steps:
The first one would be: (clamp(#ZSC#, 0, 8000)/8000)
The second one: ((clamp(#ZSC#, 8000, 16000)-8000)/8000)

So if you want to play with the ranges, it would be ((clamp(#ZSC#, <from>, <until>)-<from>)/(<until>-<from>))


great, thanks

Just sitting here quietly and taking notes! :laughing: Thanks @ThaMattie

Thank you! been looking for ever and trying alot! Made my day

What if i want to change my font colour of my step count when it reaches 8k?

You would have to add another text layer with step count in another colour and make it visible once the steps reach the changing point with expression in opacity like you quoted.

thx sir , finally i can finish my amazfit verge