Project Blue Marble - Current Work in progress

I always wanted to have an rotating globe like in the news shows… :slight_smile:

So i created this one and i think it looks quiet nice already.

The rotation is in 24h hour steps, suitable for an world timer …

I hope you enjoy.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Would it be possible to add vertical (23°30′) and seasonal (summer, vs. winter) tilt?

Whoooo hoooo …Öhm …this is a very special wish … Theoretical - yes … i now have the model and could do whatever i want with it…


Is that a 3D globe then?

Yepp. Was a lot to do to create…

Wow. I was wondering if a 3D object like that could be used in Facer. Wanted to add a globe to a analog face. I bet it was a lot

After all it‘s just an 24 picture animation… it only depends on the input…

Another tremendous artistic effort. I especially like the two illumination spots to accentuate the 3D. Just curious… did you experiment with larger more diffused spots? Possibly even a slight orange tint since the illumination would most likely be from the sun? Just some crazy thoughts.