Project Duplication, Publishing and Pro Features

I am a Creator Pro subscriber, and I recently created a very unique Premium design. After giving it a few days to see if anyone liked it or not, I decided to remove the Premium features and make it free without users being forced to buy a Premium subscription. I wanted to set the face to free, but the system will not allow it. Now, to add back in premium features after giving up on the face being free, I am not allowed to bring back those interactive features. The only way to do this is to start a new project, upload all my custom layers and then sort them and add appropriate tags. Why can I not duplicate the project, rename it and move on from there? It isn’t like I am editing another person’s creation.

As a paid Pro subscriber, I should have this option. Why should I be forced to start over? Also, I should have the option to untag a face that no longer requires a Premium subscription. The editor should be more clear on which features I have included will make my product require a Premium account to sync.

Also, since I pay for a Creator Pro subscription, why should I not have the option to put up at least one or two promotional images? Am I incorrect in that my inclusion of promotional images will make a face be listed as a Premium? Why limit me as a developer to no promotional images on “free” faces? This seems counter-productive to those of us who might be trying something new and want to try out those ideas to see if they gain traction. Some of these concepts may need visual images to offer up information on how to use the watch face.

I am not just thinking of myself here, but how this affects all developers on this platform. I would like to hear from others on this topic, if you please. Thanks for your time.

Hi there! Thanks a lot for your feedback on this. I’ll forward this to our product team and we’ll update this thread when we have some info we can share.

Thank you for letting me voice my concerns.