Promote your face with "Get It On FACER" badges

Hi all!

We’ve just released our official “Get It On Facer” badges to use in your promotional artwork and on your social channels.

:point_right: To download the badges and learn more about how to best use them, head to


Thanks! I had made my own that was kind of similar (see below) but I’ll happily switch to the official ones.

Hey @Facer_Official, I’ve been posting a lot of promos of my newly published designs to my Instagram account over the last several weeks and always tag you as you suggest, what does it take to get you to do a reshare on IG? Seems like it’s usually just the same handful of designers you reshare. I don’t think there are any designs with the same combination of concept and execution as mine on Facer. It would be much appreciated if I could get some reshare love!


Great!! My images will be so much better

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thanks facer :ok_hand::heart_eyes:

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your artwork is outstanding buddy

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Thank you ! It’s fun to do!

Please put two PNG models without a background , Thank you :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Thanks, that will make things consistent.