Proudly presenting: GAUSS-Space-Spiral

Hi @ll. I want to present my first Ticwatch contest entry: GAUSS Space-Spiral

My goal was to show the aesthetics of geometrics and to create an elegant futuristic watch face. I hope you enjoy.


Very nice and futuristic!

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Thank you very much @csuporantal!

Beautiful! Creative way to use the spiral concept :heart_eyes:

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I am unsure of the layout for features such as temp, date, etc., but I love the visuals and concept overall. Watching this in highspeed time lapse is candy for my eyes.

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Thanks. I am thinking of an opening animation but i am unsure if it is possible the way i would like…,.

Added a startup-sequence. Originally i wanted to make a back and forth animation but the filesize was to big.

Nevertheless - i think it looks very nice now…

I really like the startup sequence. Get to see it at a faster speed which is nice. Took a second to figure out the layout but I like it!

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Yeah. It‘s a very special watch face but i love to create uncommon things. That‘s the stuff creativity is made of. I know that not everyone will like it but that‘s the way art is. It’s not suitable for the masses but a few will understand what i am doing…

For me, the ticwatch contest is a nice way to improve my skills at the moment but nothing more. I already had the honour to win it the last time but now it‘s up to fresh designers to take the challenge.

I enjoyed creating this face because i am teaching geometrics in my classes. And - i learned some new things about animations and timing…