Publication of several versions of the dial

I did not find the answer to this question.
I’m not a PRO. Subscriber. I’m a beginner and I’m making dials and faces just for fun.
I made an analog dial unpublished, I made several color versions.
The question is … Do I have to publish each version separately or does it go together in one publication?
Thanks for the anwers.

Hi @ekky.mi

If you did not subscribe to creator pro then yes, you have to publish each color separately

Because in order to have multiple colors in one design you need to use a “VAR” element which is not available in the free version of creator

I hope this helps

Yes, it helped. Thank you for answer.


One more question.
I’ve already shared one creation here on the forum, the other if I want to show it, do I have to create a new topic in the first one or should I create one?

It is preferable to have separate topics for different designs, however if it is the same design with diffrent colors it will better to put them in a single topic

From my humble experience in the forum, designers who attach more than 2-3 designs in one topic takes very long time to load, something to keep in mind

I created a new theme with a link to the entire collection.
Thank you.

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