Publish / Not Publish

Hi Fellow Designers,

I’m in a quandary and thought I post this to seek your thoughts…

Late yesterday, I received notice that some of my designs are to be showcased - which is great!..

The trouble is I frequently post something a little ‘different’ on Friday. So now I’m unsure if I should post something a little ‘left-field’ while my Newbie portfolio bathes in the light of a little awareness, and some syncs… (i find, without syncs, my designs start to wither)…, or publish and be dammed.

The design is really a little odd, based on an Astrolab:



R (Mach-1)


Congrats on being show cased!

I like this.

If you like it, publish it. :slight_smile:
Just be aware that most of my designs are “a little left field” and I am nowhere near to having anything show cased, so you might want discard my advice…

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From what I have seen, the most popular faces are 1. complicated and 2. “Left Field” or different. I would almost bet that if you publish that face it will end up on the Top 100 page.

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Thanks Mountain_lion, I’m sure you’ll be there soon - keep up the good work! Maybe I’ll hold off until next Friday… one never knows when the sun might pass again through the slates. Cheers R

Heh, Aar You Talk’en Ta Me!.. Thanks Mr.AntiS… I hear you. It needs lots more work, so I’ll hold off for now - still just a rough idea - thinking of DUNE (F.Herbert)… The issue is visibility… but that’s another ‘story’… Stay well, and thanks for the feed-back. Cheers R (Sorry for the reference to Taxi Driver… Couldn’t resist it with your handle…)

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Cool watch! No point holding back probably. …unless as you imply, it’s unfinished.

I think the design is very original and it looks really good. I would publish it if everything is finished. I would maybe add a little needle at the end of the planet hands to improve readability, but that’s me.

Thanks KV, Praise indeed! I’ve decided to not publish. It’s not ‘right’ yet… The planet shadows should reflect the position / orbit of the sun (ehhh!), so I’ll hold back for now. Thanks for the input, and well done for being showcased (probably once more) mate. Cheers R

Thanks Will, You’re right… other elements to address before it’s ready too. Thanks. R