I have created and published a few watch faces that are on FACER. They come up when I search the title or search under my profile name, but I never see them listed on the “Opening Page of Facer” in the NEW CATEGORY. Is that section just for designers who charge for their creations? Can anyone tell me what the scoop is on this subject?

As far as I know all faces show up ( albeit very briefly ) on the
web page. I’m not sure about the phone App - with so many new faces being published, even if all of them do show up, I imagine that a new face would be there and gone very quickly. They should stay visible for longer in the individual category tabs/pages though.

The phone app opens on the “Home” tab, there is the “New & Hot” category which I think only show premium or paid faces. If you go to the “Explore” tab (icon on the bottom), there is a “Fresh Faces” category, it shows ALL the faces when they are published.