Publishing - Adding Tags

When on the publishing (or updating) screen, the tags field is not working properly. It seems as though I can only add up to 11 letters of text. Also when searching for watches, the Information page for each watch will display the Name and Description, but these tags are not present. Are they utilized in the search function at all? Or is the text search only looking in the Name and Description fields?

@eradicator09 limit on 11 letters sounds like a bug, we’ll look into it asap. Regarding how the tags are/will be used, we’ll be announcing more changes on that front very soon!

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Publishing tags aren’t affecting search results - at least not yet.

For now, I’ve included search terms at the end of all my descriptions. It’s a temporary hack, but when I run test searches, my watch faces show up as I expect them to.

Would it be correct to assume functionality for publishing tags is currently in development?