Publishing new watchface help - 2 questions

I have 2 questions on publishing…

  1. I am using some artwork from the internet that has been duplicated so many times online I have no idea who may of originally created it. I did keep links for the sites I pulled the images from. I made this face mostly for me but I do not mind sharing it.

  2. If i publish the watchface I designed do I use Hashtags to make it more searchable? I do not see them listed on other watchface’s I look at.

2 - if you put something (not necessary a hashtag) that will be unique to your faces description then others will be able to search it easier, but in a case of normal words that usually doesn’t work.

1 - From what I know, as long as you create a free face you don’t have to worry about it (if you actually put some work into it).