Publishing the design for Montblanc Contest on Facer

Hi guys, I was wondering if I make a design for the contest, Can I post it on Facer too? Or should I not do that for the purpose of not reviling the design until the event has ended… Is anyone posting on both? Facer and Montblanc contest? :thinking:

You should NOT also post it on Facer. To be eligible to win the Montblanc contest, your submission must be original and not be published anywhere else. Hope it helps!

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After I submitted face, I got an email that said “share it with the world”… Kind of confusing after what you commented?

Thank you, guys! I thought so but I want it to be sure… :+1::handshake::handshake::handshake::wink:

If a design submitted to the contest does not win, can the creator then use the design for other purposes (like regular Facer submission)?

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How can I “unsubmit” a design for the Mont Blanc contest (I need to make more changes to it now that I know more about what is possible)?

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Hi @mark ! You can update the existing one or make a duplicate of the one you submitted and then delete the one on the contest. Use the options like the ones on the Facer Creator Pro… The ones you submitted is in the Montblanc Creator.


This is a good question… I want to know too @Facer_Official … Thanks guys!

Thanks - I duplicated and that copy work with changes. The submitted one seems to be locked up in presentation mode.

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I just found how how to hide an element while the chronograph is running via the opacity field:


I wanted to share this in case others are having the same situation.

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Thank you for sharing @mark ! :+1::wink: