Pulling data from other apps?

Hi there. New to this. Wondering if anyone has made a face that can pull data from other apps? Especially I am looking at pulling


for when I am out boating. There is a fantastic app for that in Australia called Willy Weather that could provide all that data.

I have seen various watch faces that offer tides and weather (and I assume they can pull that weather data from another source?) So hoping this can happen.

Some of the tide faces I’ve seen are locked to a particular place and that would not work for my application. Would also prefer not to have to manually adjust tide settings as the river system I am on has more complicated tides.

Anyway TIA

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Welcome to the Facer Community oneosteopathy, there’s loads to learn here and plenty of nice, decent, and helpful people too. I’m just an old amateur at this, but I’m sure someone will try to help you soon.

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@oneosteopathy I am more than intrested in this topic but I am supposed to be working. Have you signed up to Pro ? I am very keen on having the Moon on my Faces. I invite you to take a look in the mean time.

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Wind and Weather up to a 5 day forecasts come to Facer from an open source Weather Station App.
It updates half hourly I think so one has to be a bit Patient .
I live very near where Sea level is established for the Ordinance Survey etc. The Moon Rotation is almost in sync with the tides here. I am not sure if that is why Newlyn Harbour was chosen . I would be terribly interested to know what weather station is reported on your watch . This can be different from the one on your phone as the data will come from a different source. I would be very surprised to learn that there is no synchronisation between the Moon and your Tides. Obviously using the moons rotation alone will never be terribly accurate one would have to take into account its Phase and the Equation of Time. These things are far beyond my ability’s . Please get back to us and I am sure we will be able to help you make something you are really pleased with.

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Hi. Yes I have upgraded to pro.

Have not worn a watch for the past 22 years but thought I’d get on board more that the galaxy watch 4 looked so good.

Have zero experience in making watch faces but naively thought (as you can with your phone) that these various faces that include tide and Moon and weather etc, that you could specify where the information is being pulled from. So if the wind and weather as you say is coming from an open source weather station app, could we not have the ability to pull that info from somewhere else?

I have seen a few people have made algorithms and all sorts in an attempt to have their watch face show the correct tide for there area. Living here on the Hawkesbury River in NSW Australia the tide changes a lot depending how far up the river you are etc. As such I use an app called Willy Weather for most of the info I need. So if I was given the ability to have a watch face that was just a pretty Billboard that pulled data from wherever we pointed it to do so (much like the home page on your phone) it would be amazing. Also no highly complicated algorithms required.

Anyway as I said very new to this so might be asking a bit much.

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Yeah. So sorry I can not remember the Weather Data source. But if you have a hunt around here a few have posted on the subject. Straight in with a GW4. We’ll. The moon rotation formulas are not related to the weather station Data. It is based around #DNOW# which you know all about : )
Watches that have setable Tides on them will lose the Setting when you swap the Faces. I have a few tide prototypes but they would need Calibrating to your area. I can publish something for you but it would not be tonight. Have you got a face that shows you your weather location? I would invite you to sync my MB 28 ROT #FIN#. It has a wrist action Data back that shows some stuff and your weather station location. The Moon rotation my coincide with your tide in your area at least once a day. As a No Pro this is the only way I can get some sort of interaction. If you made a note of the position of the moon Hand at the highest tide we could calibrate something for your area. Let me know if you want to go down this rout. Rrussell

I am afraid it will be just calculation, there is no weather tag for tide times.

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This is as near as I can get to your location on the Tides App I use. Obviously you are further up the River. There is still a good rhythm there. At least you are not in the Bay of Fundy. We can work with that I am certain.

Hey Russell. Thanks for your help.

  • no idea what #DNOW# is at all
  • what are these tags people refer too and why can’t they be added or changed?
  • “As a No Pro” not sure what you mean by this? I have paid for Pro subscription if that is what you are referring to.
    Would love to have some help in getting my idea to work - if it even can be done?

Happy to help with some development or trailing etc. But have no experience in the area.

Will try your watch face now and update with the weather station location.

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Sorry Russell, couldn’t find the face you were referring to. MB 28 ROT #FIN#.

This is a link to the app that I use
Download WillyWeather from the Play Store

And here is a screen grab of the tide time points I most often use. The one you mentioned above is not too far away but can be several hours difference up the river.

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I just mean that I have not signed up to Pro. I cannot afford it in retirement. However I enjoy getting the most out of the Tags etc without access to variables and screen interaction. #DNOW# is the time counted from the Millennium I think in milliseconds. The real coders use it to calculate the phases of the Moon and Time Equation.
Sorry my Internet is Pants here. I lost half of what I typed.
Look at the Documentation. Inspect some watches.
Tags cannot be changed but the maths utilising them can. Then we have Syntax : )

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I only see an advert there. If there is a rhythm there. We can use that.
I am trying to share a link but no go.
Look up Michael O’Day’s M-22 Tide Master. He is defiantly a Partner and can use settings. The problem I find is I have to reset it after swapping the Faces.