Pulse updates - what app does it?

In watchfaces with heart rate value I see it measures repeatedly. The value changes. But in my watches all apps with pulse measurement are idle. Which one app measures it? Facer itself? How often it makes measurements? How can I tune time interval?

Facer receives the pulse data from your watch and updates in a specific intervals. I’ve heard that it was every 10 minutes, but I don’t really remember the exact time interval. I know it’s not continuous in real time though.

Then how change it or switch completely off? Pulse meter drains battery. What if whatchface does not have pulse icons and/or value - will Facer still measure pulse?

That all depends on your watch. If you’re watch is a Samsung brand you can go into the settings and set it to only check pulse data when you ask for it, every 10 minutes, or continually. I don’t know about other watch brands.

I’ve got TickWatch Pro with WearOS. In all installed health care applications the pulse measurement is turned off. Before I install Facer it did not measure pulse rate permanently and battery lived longer. It started measure repeatedly only with Facer and watchface with pulse value. And… this is my own watchface. I just have created it yesterday in Web-editor on this site. I only placed pulse value to face but nothing more.

If all else fails contact Facer Help Request at Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at facer-support@little-labs.com or tag them in this thread @Facer_Official