Pulsing Image Issue

I have an image that I want to pulse like it is breathing. I used the following formula for the opacity:


The image does act like it is breathing/smoothly fades in and out over the course of a second. However, right at the apex when opacity is at 100% under the formula, it flickers to 0% opacity, then immediately back to 100% opacity and then falls down to start the next cycle.

I can’t figure out for the life of me why it does that and doesn’t just stay at 100% for a millisecond before descending in opacity.

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There is an issue with #Dsm#, it flickers as you say! It is bug…
Either use #DWE# or #DWFSS#

I am quite happy with this formula:

smooth fadein/out: ((sin(-#DWE#*2))*50+50)



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Nice one!