Purchase not showing G7 Mega pack

Bought a bundle (50 for 5.00) with old phone. Just bought new phone and cant download purchase without buying again.Help.

Hi there!

Sorry about that! Can you confirm you are logged in with the same Google user on Google Play than you were on your previous phone?

Google acct should be skylervaughn36@gmail.com I believe. Had a note 3, then bought a Samsung Galaxy 7 Sunday. Went to the app, says I can get. Great deal on a mega pack lol. But I already paid and was enjoying get the pack before Sunday. 337-962-6440 of needed. Call or text. Please help. I really liked a few on the pack

I copied and pasted the text from att. That’s how I paid. Here it is: AT&T Free Msg: Your mobile # ending in 6440 just made a purchase of G7 Mega Bundle (Facer Watch Faces) for $4.99 (including applicable taxes and surcharges). Go to att.com/mobilepurchases for more info.

Also. Once I paid all the watches in the pack said ‘owned’ Instead of price on each.

@Skyman36 thanks for all the info. Despite saying “Owned” on each watch face, it still shows the little shopping cart icon and pressing it asks you to purchase the watch face? If you could take some screenshots, that would be very helpful!

It doesn’t say owned any more, that was on my old phone. Attached is the receipt. Can someone one just call me or give credit and I’ll do it again? This takes far longer than it should, I thought my purchases would transfer easily. From one phone to another. Certainly my account should show it.

3379626440 sorry ,frustrated, and cant find where to attach picture…upload button on mobile is not working for some reason, is this also a facer issue ???(that is probably my fault…)

Let’s definitely proceed with a refund immediately! Could you send us your Google Play Order ID at facer-support@little-labs.com? We can take care of that. The order ID has the following format: GPA. 1234-5678-9123-45678

Hi, i too have the same problem. I bought a pack of 10 faces. I just formatted my phone and when i checked Facer, there’s no watchface under my watchbox.

I need help on restoring those. I was planning to buy the pack of 50 faces but I’m thinking twice now.

Purchases are associated to your Google account - can you make sure you are logged in with the same account you used before formatting your phone? If that doesn’t help, please contact facer-support@little-labs.com and we’ll figure this out for you!

I have the same problem I contacted the support team reset the playstore re-entered the purchase account info uninstalled facer then reinstalled still none of my purchases are showing up. In curious is this issue Samsung only or are none Samsung users having the same issue