Purchase while a Premium subscriber

I was a premium subscriber sometime back and then dropped my premium subscription. I have recently come back and I’m finding that while I’m a premium subscriber I can’t purchase watch faces. Is this correct or is there a glitch? There are some watch faces I would like to purchase but every time I do it says I’m premium and I can’t. Sometimes they are special promotions running that I would like to take advantage of but I’m not able to. Can someone please assist me?

Have you always logged in with the same email ID? Is the software on watch and phone updated? Otherwise, there have been issues with Premium accounts for some folks. If you still have the problem I suggest contacting Facer Support: https://help.facercreator.io/hc/en-us/requests/new
By doing that you can get your name on the list for those needing help.

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When you are premium subscriber you get access to all watch faces for free, so no purchase is necessary. This is why you dont see the pay option. Add these special faces to your favorites so when you decide to not renew premium, you can then easily find them again and make a purchase.

I get that but I would like to be able to take advantage of the flash sales where the price is sometimes cheaper.

Im sure if you contact facer direct they will find a way to let you pay whilst a premium member. Bit of a false economy to me though. Especially if you renew your subscription again.