Purchased premium. Yearly. But its not premium

Every face costs money now.
I am not sure if i originally used google play account. And now am logged in via a different account i made with app or something.
Its just weird that when i click any link to get premium im greeted with a splash page that tells me i have premium. In google play subscriptions i have the yearly subscription. Ive uninstalled reinstalled watch and phone. Do i need to factory reset each device? I just noticed it’s also installed on my samsung tablet. Just Uninstaller that. Maybe that was the problem.

You have to log in to your Facer account using the same email you used to purchase Premium. I’ve had that same issue with the Plus upgrade after getting a new phone. I had changed email accounts on my Facer and had to sign in with the old email I used for Plus which is on a backup Facer account. Once I did that it recognized it and added it back to my Facer phone app.