Purchased Star Trek bundle is not purchased anymore

Yesterday, I bought the Star Trek bundle for 5.49€. Today, it is not shown under my purchases any more. If I search for the single watch faces, they all have the cart symbol. On my watch, there is one Star Trek face under the last 10 used, which still can be chosen.

What’s wrong?

Kind regards

Hi @punisher - sorry about that! One of our team members will look into this today and contact you if needed. It should be resolved very quickly.

@punisher - this should now be fixed. Can you try restarting the app and checking again?

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They are back! Thank you! :smiley:

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The same happened to me. I am only showing one ST face on the app (LCARS) and it keeps saying I need to purchase it on my watch.

Very frustrating.

Same happened to me I think they are fooling us.

I’m sure nobody is deliberately trying to fool you. Those posts were from over a year ago by the way. I’m sure if you submit a ticket to a Facer Official, with some supporting evidence of your purchases obviously, such as screenshots or whatever, then they will quickly sort the problem out for you.