Purchased watch faces deleted


Recently I have noticed some of my purchased watch faces have been deleted how do you go about getting these back or refund as I had to reset my watch when got a new phone ?

They are all still on the Facer app on your phone. Just go to the “purchases” and you will find them there.

You can still see them on your purchases but if the watch face has been deleted by the creator or Facer you are now unable to re download them . They are now grayed out and if you have not got the watch face stored on your watch already you are now unable to use this watch face .

Example G7 Analog Digital MP Tides by creator G7 which was purchased in a pack of 20 , this face has been deleted off the Facer site and cannot re-download this even though it was an outright purchase .

So are Facer going to issue a refund customers who bough this watch face out right ? This is now breaching consumer law in Australia and many other Western countries ?

Please check your replies for facts before spreading miss-information on forums

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Hi @kirkulles - definitely send us an email to facer-support@little-labs.com if a purchased face was disabled by the designer, or by a brand due to copyright/trademark infringement. We’ll provide a refund if you lost access to purchased content. Cheers!

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