Purchases have disappeared

I have bought several collections over the last year or so, but now it seems that they have almost all vanished. The watch face I am currently using doesn’t even show up in my purchases. I finally found it in the store, but it is saying I don’t own it. Any help guys? I’ve sunk a fair bit of money into different collections, and they are now all gone.

@havok0283 we’re actively investigating similar reports and are hoping to fix this bug this week! Rest assured all your purchases are still valid and this is just a temporary glitch.

To help us investigate, could you answer these questions:

  • Which version of the Facer app are you using on your phone?
  • Which collections specifically disappear? Or did they all disappear?
  • If you’ve bought invidvidual watch faces (outside of a collection), did some of these disappear as well?
  • When did you first notice this? Maybe related to a recent update of the app?
  • Does logging into your Facer account (if you have one) make things better? Worse?
  • Does uninstalling and re-installing the mobile app solve it?


(FYI, still would love your answers but we think we identified the issue and should be able to resolve it within 24 hours - stay tuned!)

@havok0283 can you kill and restart the Facer app now and see if the issue is fixed? We just rolled out a change on our server that should resolve this issue.

*I am using Facer ver. 3.1.14_3069
*All of my collections have disappeared
*The only individual purchase that I know I for sure bought separately from a collection was the SW Star Map Panorama by G7. It is not showing as being owned.
*I first noticed this maybe about 2 weeks ago
*logging into my facer account doesn’t add back my purchases, but does add back my “favorited” faces.
*Uninstalling and re-installing don’t do anything. Neither does clearing app data

Just force-quit Facer and restarted, still missing all my previously bought collections.

Oddly enough, even after uninstalling, re-installing, and clearing my app data, when I reinstalled facer and set it as my watch face, it defaulted back to the SW Star Map Panorama (Which the app still says I don’t own.)

@havok0283 sorry about that! :frowning: It seems like our fix resolved the issue for a number of users, but you may be seeing something different. Could you send an email to facer-support@little-labs.com to have them resolve the issue with you? You can reference this thread - they’ve already been made aware of your case.