Purchasing watch faces for Gear S3 on iPhone


I’ve recently moved from Android to an iPhone and have kept my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

I had purchased several watch face packs during my time on Android, but cannot find them in Facer on iOS. There also seems to be no way to purchase watch faces individually in Facer on iOS either, or am I missing something?

Not sure if this answers your question, but on the App for syncing Faces I do know that it only displays Faces for whatever Watch you have synced with it. For example, I have a Samsung watch, so in the App I can only see the Android Faces I’ve created, none of the numerous Apple ones.

I haven’t created any watch faces, so that wouldn’t be relevant to me unfortunately.

If I log into the Facer website, I cannot see any of the watch face packs I have previously purchased when I was on Android. I can see all of the receipts for these watch face packs on my Google Play account, but nothing on the Facer website or the iOS app.

From the looks of this, I’m under the assumption that these purchases do not track across OS platforms and that my only choice now is to pay the premium sub to unlock watch faces that I have already paid for?

All I could suggest is to contact the Facer Team regarding this then sorry.
You can email them here - facer-support@little-labs.com