Purrfect Time - That's the spot

@jmorga106 Take a look at the one I just created. Not as much information as yours, but its cute nonetheless.

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I added power levels and step count to the dim side. Now the accelerometer readings aren’t working anymore. Any thoughts? @jmorga106 @Mellin

If you want to use the raw readings of accelerometer/gyroscope you have to have the normal ones used too, or else they will constantly give back 0.

I duplicated it, and its working again now (on both the original and new duplicate). WTH? Is this a Huawei issue? I reset it last night to no luck. Now it seems to be working right again. I don’t get it.

This is my hand value:


I made a text debugger where it just displays the text for the accelerometerRawX() values to make sure i’m seeing things the way they should.

Here is the test face:

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