Pushing watch faces

Has anyone created a way to “push” watch faces to users?

So each morning I get a new watch face on my watch.

It would need to be straight background images I imagine but I for one would find it an interesting app/script / program
Hi All I am always surprised by the amount of feedback I get from my face designs.

You could have numerous images and set the opacity based on day of week, or even month if you have enough images. It would be a repettative cycle but still day to day variety.

Thanks for the input I will have to go back and see how that would work. I am hopeing for a more “tick this box” and each day you wake up to a new watch face Cheers

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I did make one that has a different background image depending on the weather.
I don’t think there is a way just to tick a box that goes off and finds a new image each day. You actually need to add all the images to the face and then set conditions that determine when each one becomes visible.

Thats pretty much as i see it . I was hoping that one of the “Clever People” had created something :slight_smile: