QR code failed to generate

I have an LV Tambour, and I just installed Facer on it. I’m getting the ‘Failed to generate QR code, check internet connection’ error, even though I am connected to wifi. A previous Help response said to enable feed in app, which isn’t an option in the new Wear OS app… Any other ways to enable this, or is a fix for the QR bug in the works?

Hi @dwitt!

Thanks for your note and congrats on having the LV Tambour - we don’t see a lot of these around! I’ve forwarded your post to our engineering and QA team to see if they’re aware of a bug on that front.

Same issue with Ticwatch Pro.Please pay attention to it.

It can not access to generate QR code and I am sure about that.

I can not find any connection started by Facer from my router which I can see if there is any traffic data that started from the watch.

Hi @doublemarkpro - we’re investigating the issue. Thanks for your report!

I have the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, non-LTE, and it was either bringing up the face selector (normally a triple tap) or not reacting at all

The new 4.6.3 version did not solve this problems.
SO disappointing

Hi guys! Can you try going to the Daily mix screen in the watch selector menu (the one that triggers when you tap 3 times) and tap on the reload button? This should load up a random watch face or produce an error if the app fails to connect to the internet for some reason?
If this succeeds, meaning a new watch face will show up on the Daily mix screen, can you back out the watch face selector menu and try triggering the QR again?

I have tried this way.
I can change my watch face by Daily Mix and it can shows a random face and I can set it to my watch. But when I go back I still can not generate the QR code.

Hi @doublemarkpro - what happens you 4x tap on your watch face to show the QR code? does anything show up at all? or it just does nothing?

It says
Failed to generate code, please check your internet connection.

@doublemarkpro thanks! We’re investigating this issue this week. Just out of curiosity, have you tried uninstalling the app from your watch and re-installing it to see if it fixes the issue?

Yes. I have tried reinstall the app several times but it doesn’t solve the problem.

@doublemarkpro can you try and force clearing the Facer data on the watch. To do that, do this on your watch:
Settings > Apps > App Info > Facer > App Info > Clear Data

Note that it will unset Facer as your watch face and you will need to select it again. Once set, try and 4x tap again to generate the QR code and let me know what happens.

I have tried clear data and it says the same like before.
Failed to generate code,please check your internet connection.

Any update about the issue?

I have tried clear data and it says the same like before.
Failed to generate code,please check your internet connection.
Any updates?

Hi @doublemarkpro - our team has managed to reproduce a scenario where this happens. We’re testing some fixes for it right now.

Hope get good news soon.

@doublemarkpro can you update to the latest version of Facer on your watch (4.8.2) and try again? If the QR code doesn’t show up, can you show a screenshot of the error?

I updated Facer to 4.8.2 today and I am going to tell you that it still can not work but daily mix is ok.
Yes, I am glad to show you the screenshot error.
It says
Failed to generate code,please check your internet connection:
Here is the screenshot of the error message.