Quality Guideline pages not accessible

I cant access quality guideline pages. Can any one access it following below link? is there any new link to create banner or others guideline. Thanks in advance for your advise.

  • You must have created at least one collection of watch faces showcasing your own designs, with a banner respecting our quality guidelines
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Facer changed a few of their static pages. I know the Facer Tags page changed. You will probably have to go to the main Facer page and go to the bottom to find the new link you need.


Thank you @mrantisocialguy

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I think there is something about the Banners Here .
i think you are having trouble as you will see the pages are not complete.



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Thank you @russellcresser. But the jpg pic file cant show. Will try again with other browser.

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Yeah @nobel.mixed . I don’t think it is the browser . I think the page is Incomplete . Check the Banners of the serious Designers ( payed ) for Banner style . I guess basically they want it to be all your own work . Not Downloaded stuff .

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Yeah, I noticed the tags page change. Now it’s blocked by my office’s router as being inappropriate for work. Grrr. Good thing I have the routers admin password.


That Louis Cartier send you Spam ? :rofl: