Quest for the badges (Ignore this)

Could someone link me the URL for the User Tutorial for the “Certified” badge?

Thanks in advance

Not sure what you wanna do , but you can try to do this for everything you need: There are more than one link!


ignore this, just trying to get a badge :smiley:

Round 2:

Yay got him!

First Link
This badge is granted the first time you add a link to another topic. Linking topics helps fellow readers find interesting related conversations, by showing the connections between topics in both directions. Link freely!

This is also for a badge :smiley:

Question, how do i obtain this badge?

First Share
This badge is granted the first time you share a link to a reply or topic using the share button. Sharing links is a great way to show off interesting discussions with the rest of the world and grow your community

Nevermind, got it.

There was a little delay i guess