Question about Facer Creator

Hi, i created a Watchface for personal use, the problem is that Phone Battery Level and Heart Rate seems to be not working, they get updated once i add my watchface, but they don’t update after that. Watch battery level works.
I have a Mi Watch, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, do you have an Xiaomi Mi watch?

If so, I’m not sure that it is fully compatible with Facer - Tizen and WearOS based watches are compatible but when I looked up the Xiaomi Mi specifications they indicated that the operating system is proprietary. You could raise a request with support to check:

It’s a WearOS Chinese Watch, however, now i have a different problem. The Watchface i created yesterday using the Facer Creator disappeared from My Designs… What can I do?

Did you receive an email about the face? Had you just published it?

Usually faces disappear like that because the automatic system has identified a copyright/trademark issue with the face. But I understand that you should receive an email if that happens.

If you get an email you can follow the appeal instructions detailed in it. Otherwise, you could raise a support request via the following link

No email from them. I didn’t publish the Face, because i use It for personal use, just for my Watch.

Ok then I’m sorry I don’t know why it has disappeared, all I can suggest is to ask support for their help via the link above.