Question about smart watches


I have a question about which smartwatch to buy. The 2 watch I have been looking at are the Galaxy watch and the Ticwatch pro.

The reason I am sort of stuck, is because I use a dexcom unit. Both them will run it. But You have to jump thru hoops to get it to work.

I had the galaxy watch when it first came out but had to return cause of some issues with it. So I really didnt get to play with it a lot.

Also, I like the ticwatch pro, But I dont see it listed on facer So i can see what my faces look like.

Do you have any suggetions on which watch to buy? Does anyone use a dexcom G6 and do you have it working on your watch? Which OS is the better buy? Or is there a better watch out there in that price range I have not seen yet?

I planing to pick one of them up after father day. Any help would be great.

Thank you for taking the time in answer my question.

I have a Gear Sport and Ticwatch Pro and love them both. Both work great with Facer and Ticwatch Pro should be listed. I like the essential mode on the Ticwatch Pro for saving battery and the larger screen though that shouldn’t be an issue if you were to get the larger galaxy watch. I think Tizen is a little more polished and easier to work with versus Wear OS on the Ticwatch. I really enjoy the rotating bezel on the Samsung watches as well. Not sure about dexcom though. Hope this helps.

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I have the diesel on guard 2.5 n think it’s an amazing watch all the faces work on it and I’ve never had any problems syncing faces. But I purely baught it because I liked the look of it before I knew about facer
But it is a great watch but that’s only my opinion it’s my first smart watch lol