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Question about the date

Is it possible to have the date read vertically like this


Or would that just require a bunch of hardcore linear algebra type stuff?

Yes, it can be done. I’ve not done it with the month, but I’ve done a few with the day and date. If you go visit this watch face of mine, I have inspection open so you can see how I did the day and the date. Doing the month could be done the same way also. MAG 2033


Cool! Thank you.
That’s what I like about inspection mode.
When you have an idea and you try it but it doesn’t work it lets you look at someone else’s watch that does what you wanted to do and see that ok I should have done this and not that.

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@mrantisocialguy Just so you know I’m totally stealing those formulas.
Also quick question about that. Is there an area on here that actually goes over that stuff?
I’ve seen the basic Tag stuff such as the standard date and time and step count.
But I don’t remember seeing anything that goes into stuff like that.

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Nowhere here that I know of that has that kind of thing. I’ve learned a lot just searching the community pages at the top with the hourglass search function. I had a brain fart one day and figured out how to do the weekday easily in vertical. The math for the splitting the date came from @dazstacey in a post somewhere on here. When you figure out how to do the months that one will be yours since I haven’t needed to do that yet.

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Ok I had a feeling there wasn’t a section on that stuff
But I wasn’t positive if I didn’t just overlook it.
And I agree I’ve discovered a lot of useful tips and tricks from random posts.
Like how I learned to do this.

Let me give you another hint. When you are putting a link to a watch face here in the community, however you are doing it isn’t working. It’s linking an embedded webpage instead of the watch face.

The proper way is to put the link on a separate line with a blank line above and below the link. Here’s an example that will not work or try to link but you’ll get the idea.

http // www . fakeweblink . com/ facerwatchface

Don’t include the question mark or anything after the URL. Doing it that way with the link I posted up above to MAG 2033 gives you this below.

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All I do is click the share button. Then I copy and paste the code,

I’ll bet you are using the bottom one which is “Embed” which means embed into a webpage. You want to use the Direct Link instead or like I have highlighted in the URL bar of the web browser in the picture below.

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Yes I’ve been using the bottom one.
I used the top one once and on my end it just posted the link and not the image.
So I just kept using the bottom one because on my end it looked to be correct.

That is why I do like the picture shows. I just highlight everything from the http all the way up to but not including the / or ? mark depending on which it happens to be showing. That way it does exactly like the link I posted above where you replied saying that you click the share button and copy and paste the code. It’s just a lot cleaner looking and if someone wants to go to that page they can click the watch name above the creator’s and it is a hotlink direct to that face.

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Good to know. Thank you.

The easy way is to choose a vertical fonts,no extra formulas needed just rotate font 90 degrees, serach in forum youll find

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Thanks I’ll look for some.