Question about the possiblity of a watch face

So if you guys know the doom guy faces from the 1993 doom game, the code that was in the game changed doom guys face depending on how low his health was or even if he picked up a new gun. For example if his health was low he would be bloody and tired looking, if he picked up a new gun it would turn into an evil grin and then back to normal. Now my question is, the active 2 can measure stress level and BPM. I was wondering if it would be at all possible to change the face of doom guy on the watch if the stress level is at a certain level, or even if the BPM is at a certain rate, either with this face maker or some app. Thank you have a good day!

Hi, it is possible to make different layers with image or animation sequences appear or disappear according heart rate, using expressions with the right tags. But Facer does not provide access to stress level values in this way.

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Like @petruuccios said Facer doesn’t have access to stress level, but you could use the same idea of different layers based on battery level. The lower the watch battery goes the worse off doom guy looks.

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Thank you guys so much! And I didn’t think of that idea for the battery level but thanks guys! You have a good day!